The Band 

"Swampboy Blues Band", brings spontaneity and life to the music they perform whether playing traditional blues, country, or americana.  The music is unique and accessible; original music with a familiar flair and familiar music with originality.


The Band, "Swampboy Blues Band" consists of Tim Koehn, Jerry Steinke,  Gayland Prince and Frank Lightell, Dane Johnson and Sondra Clarke.



Tim Koehn, on guitar and vocals, was raised on music in Wisconsin and has been playing his unique blend of blues for over a decade in the Omaha metro area.  As host of SWAMPJAM, an open jam that has moved around Omaha over the last seven years, Tim has played music with hundreds of local musicians and with numerous touring bands coming through town.  After spending a year writing and playing music in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 2005 and 2006, Tim returned to Omaha and the Swampboy Blues Band had ists begonning.  Since then Tim has performed around Nebraska and in Iowa, Wisconsin and Colorado.



Jerry Steinke on Bass Guitar/Vocals is a local veteran of the Omaha Music scene.  Jerry was a member of "B and the Hot Notes" and "David Barger and the Jam Masters" and countless other projects.  Jerry has been in bands that, with him, opened for Steppenwolf, The Clash, Los Lobos and Wayne Cochran.  Jerry has been playing Bass for over 50 years.



Omaha native Gayland Prince, the son of the renowned trumpet player, Mason Prince, is on

 percussion and has performed over the last 50 years with everyone from Clarence Gatemouth

Brown and Buddy Miles to local greats Preston Love and Luig Waites.


Frank Lightell on the Saxophone is a classically trained musician and holds a bachelor of fine arts in music from the University of Nebraska.  Franks has performed as a soloist with the Omaha Symphony Orchestra and with artists from "Tom Scott" to the "Radio City Rockettes".  Frank has been a member of a number of local groups over the years, including "The Confidentials", "Finest

Hour", "The Mighty Jailbreakers" and "Blue House"


Sondra Clarke on vocals is the newest member of our ensemble.  Her musical journey started early and carried through school musical productions, original songs about cute boys and fast cars; through DJ and KJ gigs and to the church choir.  She sang lots; in groups and alone and developed a love for most all types of music.  As she puts it, "Currently, you can find me singing in the shower, the car, the hallway...(well you get the picture)and finally on stage.  Music is the air I breathe, my expression of joy and sorrow, and it is interwoven into all parts of my life.  With any luck, my songs will become my legacy.  Sit back; relax; enjoy the the music; come along on this journey with me-the more the merrier.


Please come out sometime and give us a listen and get to know us.


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Let the good times roll!